Frequently Asked Questions

Why does LTFL keep all of its automatic watches on watch winders,
or keep its manual watches fully wound?

It has been LTFL's experience, as well as the general consensus in horological circles, that it is better for a watch movement to be operational rather than non-running, especially over long periods of time. A movement that is running will allow for the continuous lubrication of critical parts, and reduce the chances that the various oils used for lubrication will "break down" and become less effective. A running watch is a happy watch...

Are LTFL prices negotiable?

While LTFL has attempted to determine prices on a fair basis, we will seriously entertain all reasonable offers. Our goal is to achieve a client's total satisfaction, which includes both satisfaction with the watch, as well as the price paid therefor. LTFL encourages inquiries from prospective clients, whether that relates to specifics about the timepiece, or pricing. We will promptly answer any inquiry; you may click on the "Contact Us" tab on the menu, or the "Ask Us About This Watch" tab on any of the watch pages.

Why doesn't LTFL have a "buy now" button on each watch page?

LTFL has chosen not to incorporate the "buy now" button on its site because it makes the acquisition process too "sterile" and impersonal. LTFL has specific knowledge about every piece on the site, and utilizing the "buy now" process deprives the client of the opportunity to fully learn about the watch.

What Does the "And More..." in your banner
"Elegant Timepieces...And More...For Less..." mean?

Periodically, LTFL will be offering merchandise for sale on our site, other than fine timepieces, that should be of interest to watch connoisseurs. Included for sale from time to time will be watch winders, fine writing instruments, collectibles and fine antiques, among other goods. These wares can be viewed by clicking the "other items" section in the left column.

Where does LTFL obtain their watch inventory?

Unless otherwise noted in the information section of each watch, all watches shown on this site have been previously purchased, new, as part of the LTFL principal's personal collection, from an authorized retailer of the brand. Because of this, LTFL can provide intimate details of a watch's personal history, and care taken in the maintenance and protection of the piece. With rare exception, all displayed timepieces have been obtained within the previous 24 months.

How soon after the receipt of payment does LTFL ship,
and who pays for the shipping/insurance?

LTFL ships the same day that payment is received, via overnight delivery (payment is deemed to have been "received" by LTFL, upon approval by our credit card processor, receipt of a cashier's check/money order/wire transfer, or when a personal check clears. For shipping, LTFL uses recognized carriers of their, or the client's choice, provided the carrier issues insurance. All shipping and insurance charges are paid by LTFL, excluding any taxes, tariffs or other fees as a result of an international shipment (the cost of which are the responsibility of the client). Shipping outside the continental US may not qualify for overnight delivery. Please refer to "Terms and Conditions - Shipping".

What is LTFL's return policy?

LTFL has a liberal return policy such that if the client is not totally satisfied with all components of the transaction, including satisfaction with the timepiece, after a 7 day inspection period (commencing when the client receives the watch), LTFL will provide a full refund, upon receipt of the timepiece (provided it is returned in the same condition as delivered to the client, and with all related boxes/manuals/warranty information that were originally mailed). LTFL is so confident that the watch shipped is as described, they will pay for the return shipment, if the client is not totally satisfied.

Do I need to pay sales tax on my purchase?

The client will only need to pay sales tax if the watch is shipped to a destination in Missouri. Please refer to "Terms and Conditions - Sales Tax".

What type of payments does LTFL accept?

LTFL accepts the following forms of payment:

Personal Check: Please allow 5 business days for clearing.

Cashier's Check

Money Order

Wire Transfers: Please be advised that your bank may impose a wire charge to your account.

Credit Cards: LTFL accepts all major credit cards as payment for its watches. LTFL will ship to the credit card address only.