Jaeger LeCoultre
Master Moon

Just a few short years ago, the Luxury Time For Less® (LTFL) principal's brother, an avid watch enthusiast, surprised him with a beautiful Jaeger LeCoultre Master Moon (which, for sentimental reasons, will not be offered for sale)! Since that time, largely because of the principal's appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry required to create these magnificent and complex works of machinery, he became an impassioned timepiece collector.

The LTFL principal has since decided to turn this avocation into his vocation. The acquisition of fine timepieces has been a hobby which provides the principal with a great deal of enjoyment. The collection has grown to a size where these stunning timepieces are spending their existence on watch winders. Additionally, the principal wishes to perpetuate his avocation into a livelihood that has been responsible for so much satisfaction, so he is offering these elegant watches on this site for sale to other watch aficionados.

Unless otherwise noted within the detailed information provided with each timepiece, all watches, without exception, were purchased by the LTFL principal, new, from an authorized retailer of each manufacturer.

Since one of the operational guidelines of LTFL is fairness, it is only fitting to provide equal time to the principal's other brother, with respect to timepieces. That brother recently bestowed upon the principal a brand new Timex Expedition Indiglo (also not being offered for sale), complete with a genuine "leatherlike" band. Not comfortable stopping there, the brother also purchased a 5 year extended warranty, at great expense relative to the cost of the watch. As the old adage states, "it's the thought that counts".


Expedition Indiglo