"The purchase of my TAG Heuer was simply the best on-line purchase I’ve ever made.  Rich raises the bar for all on-line retailers with his availability, honesty and knowledge of the items he sells.  The price savings was huge at 35% off list and this item was shipped overnight immediately, no delays before it shipped like with other sellers.  I am so satisfied, I am already thinking about future purchases and they will definitely come from Luxury Time for Less!  Thank You!"

Client from Pennsylvania


Wow, good discount for a special order. Thank you!

Client from Panama


"Nice touch with the hat and the cloth. Thank you very much.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box would be something of an understatement. This watch could have been made at the factory a week ago. It's new! I know otherwise, but it is in perfect condition as if it were never worn.

I am extrememly happy with this purchase, and I feel very fortunate to have found a seller of such integrity, and such interest in customer satisfaction. Thank you very much; I am pretty confident that we'll trade with one another again in the future."

California client (watch was 10+ years old)


"I stumbled accross LTFL while searching for a used Pepsi GMT. I have wanted one for probably the last decade but had denied myself the one last luxury that all men should own. When I found that Rich had one that was not only mint in box but in the price range that I wanted to spend I knew that I had to have it. Spending thousands of dollars on a product sight unseen is a little scary. I chose not to do buisness with brokers on the coast because I am from the midwest and tend to trust people from the midwest. Rich treated me as a trusted customer and even though we had never met I knew this was the right place. Rich knows his watches and treats them almost as children that he wants to make sure are going to a good home. I received the watch and it was 100% mint in box with correct Chrono certificate. I wear it every day and even after 20+ years it is still keeping time within standards. I love the watch and will look forward to purchasing future watches from him. No worries here. Rich is a real person with old world customer service values. The watch is great but customer and service skills are even better. It was a pleasure to do business with someone who still does things the old midwest way."

Iowa Client


"...Seriously, I have done many watch transactions over the years and I must say this has by far been the most pleasant, professional and satisfying deal that I have done. I believe that we may be cut from the same cloth as we assume the best about the people we deal with (until proven otherwise) and try to exceed the expectations of the other party. You have done that for me and I am grateful..."

Nebraska Client


"The seller is nice, accurate, honest. The watch that I got is in excellence condition as described. Will really like to do business again and again. Thanks"

Client from the Philippines


"I have to admit your level of service is by far the best I have experienced, both on and off-line. Once this deal is 'done and dusted', I will definitely recommend you to..." "I am very pleased with your level of service."

"That timepiece is STUNNING!!! Its a whole lot more beautiful in "flesh'. I am very satisfied with your service, which is impeccable from start to finish. I'll gladly recommend you to my own circle of friends and I'm glad to be your reference too. And when you have another timepiece or collectible which interests me, I will gladly buy from you again."... "Many thanks once again. You have put me at great ease when buying from you."

Client in Australia (during transaction and after receiving watch)


"I am sitting here sipping a Scotch, looking at my watch.... It is beautiful! I am enjoying it so! I thank you for helping me get my dream watch! ...Appreciate the cleaning cloth!"

Louisiana Client


"I love the watch and will always treasure it. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding during the process"

New Hampshire Client


"I have received the pen in good order. Your T-shirt was indeed a pleasant surprise. Thank you very much. The pen is very beautiful as you described. I must take the opportunity to thank you for taking so much attention to ensure that a first-time customer like me is fully comfortable with the purchasing process, and the reliability and delivery of the product."

Client in Singapore


"I have the piece and it is just wonderful. It is a handsome watch by any standards. it is certainly a pleasure to have it on my wrist. Thank you for your help. The gift certificate did arrive"

Client in the Bahamas


"I have never dealt with a person as gracious as you. I am glad I called you".
"I did not realize how passionate a person could be about watches. It's almost like you are describing a beautiful woman"

Missouri Client


"... I appreciate your trust and thanks for sending me such a beautiful watch."

Client in India


"They [cuff links] were lovely ...A pleasure doing business with you..."

UK cuff link and watch Client


"I have been very impressed with your professionalism. ...I've seen you deliver on your promises...regarding follow up..."

Kansas client


"condition was impeccable..."

Florida Client


"...two thumbs up... excellent condition, great watch, and really nice packaging. I appreciate your honesty..."

Kuwait Client


"...first class...", "thank you for your trust and generosity", "it has been great working with you".

Kansas client


"Watch is on my wrist. It is awesome. You did it again! I thank you very much".

Missouri client


"Great news! Got the pens in today. All safe and PERFECT. "

Client in India





LTFL has not received any negative feedback at this point...